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Using technology to advance active investment management and deliver alpha to clients.


Pegassets is a forward-looking firm dedicated to the licensing of innovative and disruptive technologies to the financial services industry. Our current focus is Ensemble Active Management (EAM). EAM applies Ensemble Methods, the proven best practices of predictive analytics, to stock portfolios. EAM is designed to improve the accuracy of selecting stocks, leading to improved performance and alpha generation.  


Delivering Ensemble Active Management (EAM)-based

solutions to the investment management industry.

Our clients have the option to either develop their own customized EAM solutions or license one of Pegassets' existing models.  Pegassets works with asset managers (ETFs, mutual funds, RIAs, wealth advisors, family offices and institutional investors) to discuss and demonstrate the value of EAM, the benefits to the end user and the attractive business model characteristics. 


Online Demonstration of the EAM process is available.

Call us to schedule a demo.

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