Robert Tull of Robert Tull and Company has been focused on the ETF marketplace since 1991. Robert has been a thought leader in the ETF market and named inventor on multiple ETF patents since 1993. 


  • 2018 Global ETF Award Winner – Greatest Contributor to the ETF marketplace

  • design and development of over 400 exchange traded products in the U.S., Europe, and Pacific Rim

  • leading the team that introduced the first WEBS for Morgan Stanley (which evolved into the iShares product line)


For years, active managers have approached Robert to provide new active investment models as a response to passive ETF growth. Upon learning of Ensemble Active Management and collaborating with Turing Technology Advisors, Robert encouraged his consultants to form Pegassets, LCC in order to introduce the financial industry to EAM powered portfolios. 


Pegassets was created utilizing the core concepts of Robert Tull and Company: fairness, honesty, and transparency in bringing the latest innovative financial technologies to investment managers beginning with Ensemble Active Management. 


This communication does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any security or investment product and should not be construed as such. Any investment, strategy , product, product design, portfolio signals, or list of stocks are  EAM technology output and are not based on the knowledge or  expertise of a SEC licensed investment advisor or FINRA licensed broker.


Pegassets is an intellectual property licensor of EAM stock selection technology to our licensees under contract and is not a registered investment advisor, financial consultant, or licensed insurance agent.


Pegassets and our EAM licensor make no guarantees that the EAM generated stock output is suitable for any investment model, fund, investment product, product design or investment strategy. The EAM stock output is dependent on the knowledge and expertise of the licensee for the production of financial products to investors.


Pegassets and our EAM licensor make no guarantee regarding the absolute or relative performance of the EAM technology stock output.