We provide the latest innovation in financial technology

to asset managers for a new edge. 

Today active managers are losing assets to the ETF marketplace. These negative flows are primarily caused by the inability, on average, of active managers to outperform their stated benchmarks on an after-fee basis. The management companies have made huge investments in staff, infrastructure and data analytic models to build their portfolio stock selection processes and require higher fees to cover these expenses. Investors are paying extra fees for active management, but are receiving lower net returns. BUT THERE IS A SOLUTION...



Pegassets has secured a license from Turing Technology Associates to market Ensemble Active Management. We will engage major fund complexes, manager of managers and other asset managers in order to introduce and encourage the adoption of this financial technology into the active stock selection process. While utilizing ensemble methods is new to the investment management industry, it has been used successfully in multiple industries for over 40 years.

We focus on asset managers, particularly ETF issuers and mutual funds, to discuss and demonstrate the value of this investment approach, the benefits to the end investors and the attractive business characteristics. Our sales process includes the opportunity for presentations by the Ensemble Active Management mathematicians and technology staff who developed this new Intellectual Property. Financial Technology Intellectual Property is rapidly involving and the financial markets are prime for this new EAM capability that is very well poised to energize and even transform active management. 


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